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Where do I buy Skates?

 Figure Skates

Our skating families typically visit these stores for high quality service. 

 United Cycle (Edmonton)
 Pro Skate (Edmonton)
 Toe Picks (Red Deer)

All of these stores will check your skaters foot to see what brand of skate will fit them the best.  They will heat mold the skate, check blade alignment and can sharpen them for you.  Some stores also take trade-ins and offer used skates.  

Recreational Skates

If you expect your skater to spend a lot of time on the ice, invest in good skates. Talk to someone who knows a lot of skate fitting like Source for Sports (Wetaskiwin) or one of the providers above. Higher quality skates fit better and may cause fewer problems. 

How should skate fit?

Skates do not fit like running shoes so it takes new skaters some time to get used to the feeling of being locked into a skate. Take the socks you will wear in your skates with you to the skate shop. It is important that you do not buy your ice skates too big - especially figure skates where you need to have absolute control over the blade to make figures and jumps. The ice skates must have a firm fit without being too tight and often feel stiff when standing. With the laces loosened and push your foot forward, you should be able to have just enough space for a finger behind your heel.

Adjustable skates are available where the boot can be lengthen as the child's foot grows.  Adjustable ice skates are intended for recreational use only and may be a option when your child is growing quickly. This type of skate is not ideal for the specific needs for hockey, power skating or figure skating.

SkatePro Skate Buying Guide

Where do I Buy Skating Dresses & Pants? 

Check with the Club! We often have used dresses and skating apparel or know someone who is outgrowing their clothes!

United Cycle - Edmonton
 Pro Skate - Edmonton
 Toe Picks - Red Deer